• About us

The history of the building, in which the guesthouse is located, dates back before World War I. Our great-grandfather and grandfather used to run a pub for raftsmen and travellers here. There was a bakery, a convenience store and a ballroom. After the communist coup in 1948, the house was taken over by the state. Completely devastated, it returned to the hands of our family in the early 1990s. In the second half of the 1990s, we carried out the first reconstruction and opened a pizzeria on the ground floor. In 2006, it was time for a complete reconstruction, during which we built a guesthouse on the first and second floors.

From Davle it is only a short trip to Prague, the bus connection to the ‘Smíchovské nádraží’ underground station is fast and frequent. Another option is to take the train to ‘Hlavní nádraží’, the central railway station. In spring and summer, it is possible to take a steamboat trip to Slapy at weekends. Davle is also an excellent starting point for hiking or cycling trips, especially to the Posázaví and Povltaví areas, but also to the Brdy mountains or the town of Jílové u Prahy, known for its rich mining history.